Designed to
Simplify and Speed
the hookah preparation process!


All you need for hookah smoking in one simple packet. Also the whole packet is disposable.

CLEANER: No contact with sticky smoking material, it’s all wrapped within the packet.

1 minute preparation in three easy steps.

LONG LASTING: The ingredients are formulated by experts to produce more pleasant and lasting flavors. Packets contain enough material to last up to 60 minutes.



This product is TOBACCO-FREE and does not contain nicotine. The smoking material is made with food-grade flavors and molasses casing.


Smoking Tips

» To speed up the initial heating use 2 charcoals (maximum).

» Begin smoking when bowl is thoroughly heated.

» Avoid using the same hookah hose for more than one flavor to avoid altering the flavor


Hermetic Seal
Each packet is individually sealed airtight to hold flavors and extend freshness.

Consistent Blend
 Quality manufacturing process assures consistent ingredient ratios in the smoking blend to provide consistent flavor from packet to packet.

Flexible Design
The packet is flexible and uniquely designed to fit all bowls.

Available in the following Signature Flavors:
        • Double Apple
        • Apple
        Concord Grape
        • Peach
        • Blackberry
        • Blueberry
        • Blueberry Grape
        • Tangerine

We are alway evaluating new flavors but we will only release new flavors after complete testing for quality and flavor appropriateness.

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